Company update

Intelligent Substrates has ceased business operations.
However, the website remains online as a resource to our customers and others who wish to learn more about protein micropatterns.

Protein micropatterns for cell culture

Intelligent Substrates Inc. (ISI) develops information-rich microenvironments for in vitro cell culture research, tissue engineering, and drug discovery.

ISI's next-generation protein micropatterned substrates for cell-based assays and other high-throughput applications are designed to support pharma, biotech and academic research.

The reduced variability, increased sensitivity, and improved efficiency that these new substrates bring to cell-based applications will enable biotech scientists worldwide to do more in dish with fewer cells before advancing their research to more expensive animal models.

HUVECs on 50 micron fibronectin squares
The image above shows HUVECs cultured on 50 µm squares of fibronectin (green). Actin is red, nuclei are blue. It is cropped from the image at right, which shows the differences in morphology and organization between cells cultured on protein micropatterns and those grown on uniformly coated areas.
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ISI currently designs and manufactures cell culture substrates with micropatterns of active extracellular matrix proteins for basic research in cell biology.

BioWrite™ protein micropatterned substrates provide scientists unprecedented control over the size and morphology of individual cells and cell aggregates.

They are powerful tools for characterizing the interactions between matrix protein distribution and cell function.