About Intelligent Substrates

Intelligent Substrates, Inc. (ISI) was founded with a mission to develop advanced tools – innovative, engineered microenvironments -- for in vitro cell culture research, tissue engineering, and drug discovery. With greater capabilities than current cell culture platforms, ISI's new and advanced cell culture technologies give researchers unprecedented control and access to the cellular microenvironment. ISI's initial products, protein micropatterned substrates for cell-based applications, are targeted to pharma, biotech, and academic scientists worldwide.

Company Milestones

2007 ISI founded
2008 Phase 1 SBIR awarded — NIH/NIGMS Nano-Biotechnology
2009 Ft. Detrick Technology Transfer Initiative grant awarded
2009 Launch BioWrite substrates and Substrate Design Center service
2010 NIH ARRA grant awarded
2010 US patent issued
2011 CIP patent granted
2012 IntelliPlate designed, & mfg. feasibility confirmed
2013 ISI joins the FITCI incubator
2013 IntelliPlate pilot production & validation
2013 ISI ceases business operations

The ISI team

Dr. Will Heinz, President of ISI, has a Ph.D. in biophysics from Johns Hopkins University. He has extensive experience with nanotechnology, single molecule optics, protein micropatterning, and cell biology.

Dr. Jan Hoh, a co-founder of ISI and an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is an expert in nano- and biotechnology and a consultant to the company.

Mr. Gautam Saxena, CFO of ISI, has run several highly profitable companies, most recently a provider of a software suite for proteomics analysis.