Protein micropatterned substrates are emerging as powerful tools for biomedical research. We assembled a collection of articles spanning four decades describing how scientists have used micropatterned substrates to gain new insights into cell biology. We focused mainly on papers reporting biological results versus papers describing new methods to produce micropatterns for cell culture. This is not a complete list -- please contact us if you wish to suggest papers to include in this resource.

Pan CJ, Ding HY, Dong YX.
Extracellular matrix protein patterns guide human chondrocytes adhesion and alignment characterized by vimentin and matrilin-3.
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uPAR: A modulator of VEGF-induced angiogenesis.
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A Microscale Human Liver Platform that Supports the Hepatic Stages of Plasmodium falciparum and vivax.
Cell Host Microbe 14(1):104–115. 2013. More

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The use of anisotropic cell sheets to control orientation during the self-organization of 3D muscle tissue.
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Bioactivation and Toxicity of Acetaminophen in a Rat Hepatocyte Micropatterned Coculture System.
J Biochem Mol Toxicol 2013. More

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Let's push things forward: disruptive technologies and the mechanics of tissue assembly.
Integr Biol (Camb) 2013. More

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A patterned recombinant human IgM guides neurite outgrowth of CNS neurons.
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Endothelial Cell Sensing of Flow Direction.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2013. More

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Morphological restriction of human coronary artery endothelial cells substantially impacts global gene expression patterns.
FEBS J 2013. More

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Site-Specific Differentiation of Neural Stem Cell Regulated by Micropatterned Multicomponent Interfaces.
Adv Healthc Mater 2013. More

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Cell geometric constraints induce modular gene-expression patterns via redistribution of HDAC3 regulated by actomyosin contractility.
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Guidance of collective cell migration by substrate geometry.
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Manipulation of 3D Cluster Size and Geometry by Release from 2D Micropatterns.
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Micropatterning of cells reveals chiral morphogenesis.
Stem Cell Res Ther 4(2):24. 2013. More

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Quantitative insights into actin rearrangements and bacterial target site selection from Salmonella Typhimurium infection of micropatterned cells.
Cell Microbiol 2013. More

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Optimizing the structure and contractility of engineered skeletal muscle thin films.
Acta Biomater 9(8):7885–7894. 2013. More

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Pericytes, Stem-Cell-Like Cells, but not Mesenchymal Stem Cells are Recruited to Support Microvascular Tube Stabilization.
Small 2013. More

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The osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by controlled cell-cell interaction on micropatterned surfaces.
J Biomed Mater Res A 2013. More

Zhong W, Li Y, Li L, Zhang W, Wang S, Zheng X.
YAP-mediated regulation of the chondrogenic phenotype in response to matrix elasticity.
J Mol Histol 2013. More

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Generation of aligned functional myocardial tissue through microcontact printing.
J Vis Exp (73):e50288. 2013. More

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Probing ciliogenesis using micropatterned substrates.
Methods Enzymol 525:109–130. 2013. More

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Mechanical control of epithelial lumen formation.
Small GTPases 4(2):136–140. 2013. More

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N-cadherin regulates spatially polarized signals through distinct p120ctn and beta-catenin-dependent signalling pathways.
Nat Commun 4:1589. 2013. More

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Dynamic modeling of cell migration and spreading behaviors on fibronectin coated planar substrates and micropatterned geometries.
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Guidance of cell migration by substrate dimension.
Biophys J 104(2):313–321. 2013. More

Liu W, Zheng W, Yuan B, Jiang X.
A micropatterned coculture system for axon guidance reveals that Slit promotes axon fasciculation and regulates the expression of L1CAM.
Integr Biol (Camb) 5(3):617–623. 2013. More

Zychowicz M, Mehn D, Ruiz A, Frontczak-Baniewicz M, Rossi F, Buzanska L.
Patterning of human cord blood-derived stem cells on single cell posts and lines: Implications for neural commitment.
Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars) 72(4):325–336. 2012. More

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Spatial patterning of endothelium modulates cell morphology, adhesiveness and transcriptional signature.
Biomaterials 34(12):2928–2937. 2013. More

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Modular design of micropattern geometry achieves combinatorial enhancements in cell motility.
Langmuir 28(9):4357–4362. 2012. More

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Passive control of cell locomotion using micropatterns: the effect of micropattern geometry on the migratory behavior of adherent cells.
Lab Chip 12(13):2391–2402. 2012. More

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Micropatterned cell sheets with defined cell and extracellular matrix orientation exhibit anisotropic mechanical properties.
J Biomech 45(5):756–761. 2012. More

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Left-right symmetry breaking in tissue morphogenesis via cytoskeletal mechanics.
Circ Res 110(4):551–559. 2012. More

Alexander RA, Prager GW, Mihaly-Bison J, Uhrin P, Sunzenauer S, Binder BR, Schutz GJ, Freissmuth M, Breuss JM.
VEGF-induced endothelial cell migration requires urokinase receptor (uPAR)-dependent integrin redistribution.
Cardiovasc Res 94(1):125–135. 2012. More

Versaevel M, Grevesse T, Gabriele S.
Spatial coordination between cell and nuclear shape within micropatterned endothelial cells.
Nat Commun 3:671. 2012. More

Yu X, Cohen DM, Chen CS.
miR-125b Is an adhesion-regulated microRNA that protects mesenchymal stem cells from anoikis.
Stem Cells 30(5):956–964. 2012. More

Liazoghli D, Roth AD, Thostrup P, Colman DR.
Substrate Micropatterning as a New in Vitro Cell Culture System to Study Myelination.
ACS Chem Neurosci 3(2):90–95. 2012. More

Guo WH, Wang YL.
A three-component mechanism for fibroblast migration with a contractile cell body that couples a myosin II-independent propulsive anterior to a myosin II-dependent resistive tail.
Mol Biol Cell 23(9):1657–1663. 2012. More

Garcia-Parra P, Cavaliere F, Maroto M, Bilbao L, Obieta I, Lopez de Munain A, Alava JI, Izeta A.
Modeling neural differentiation on micropatterned substrates coated with neural matrix components.
Front Cell Neurosci 6:10. 2012. More

Loosli Y, Vianay B, Luginbuehl R, Snedeker JG.
Numerically bridging lamellipodial and filopodial activity during cell spreading reveals a potentially novel trigger of focal adhesion maturation.
Integr Biol (Camb) 4(5):508–521. 2012. More

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Muscle on a chip: in vitro contractility assays for smooth and striated muscle.
J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods 65(3):126–135. 2012. More

Takayama Y, Kotake N, Haga T, Suzuki T, Mabuchi K.
Formation of one-way-structured cultured neuronal networks in microfluidic devices combining with micropatterning techniques.
J Biosci Bioeng 114(1):92–95. 2012. More

Howk CL, Levine HA, Smiley MW, Mallapragada SK, Nilsen-Hamilton M, Oh J, Sakaguchi DS.
A mathematical model for selective differentiation of neural progenitor cells on micropatterned polymer substrates.
Math Biosci 238(2):65–79. 2012. More

Moller J, Luehmann T, Hall H, Vogel V.
The race to the pole: how high-aspect ratio shape and heterogeneous environments limit phagocytosis of filamentous Escherichia coli bacteria by macrophages.
Nano Lett 12(6):2901–2905. 2012. More

Feinberg AW, Alford PW, Jin H, Ripplinger CM, Werdich AA, Sheehy SP, Grosberg A, Parker KK.
Controlling the contractile strength of engineered cardiac muscle by hierarchal tissue architecture.
Biomaterials 33(23):5732–5741. 2012. More

Tong Z, Cheung LS, Stebe KJ, Konstantopoulos K.
Selectin-mediated adhesion in shear flow using micropatterned substrates: multiple-bond interactions govern the critical length for cell binding.
Integr Biol (Camb) 4(8):847–856. 2012. More

Janardhanan S, Wang MO, Fisher JP.
Coculture strategies in bone tissue engineering: the impact of culture conditions on pluripotent stem cell populations.
Tissue Eng Part B Rev 18(4):312–321. 2012. More

Peng R, Yao X, Cao B, Tang J, Ding J.
The effect of culture conditions on the adipogenic and osteogenic inductions of mesenchymal stem cells on micropatterned surfaces.
Biomaterials 33(26):6008–6019. 2012. More

Lei Y, Zouani OF, Remy M, Ayela C, Durrieu MC.
Geometrical microfeature cues for directing tubulogenesis of endothelial cells.
PLoS One 7(7):e41163. 2012. More

Planaguma J, Minsaas L, Pons M, Myhren L, Garrido G, Aragay AM.
Filamin A-Hinge Region 1-EGFP: A Novel Tool for Tracking the Cellular Functions of Filamin A in Real-Time.
PLoS One 7(8):e40864. 2012. More

Wan LQ, Vunjak-Novakovic G.
Micropatterning chiral morphogenesis.
Commun Integr Biol 4(6):745–748. 2011. More

Kita A, Sakurai Y, Myers DR, Rounsevell R, Huang JN, Seok TJ, Yu K, Wu MC, Fletcher DA, Lam WA.
Microenvironmental geometry guides platelet adhesion and spreading: a quantitative analysis at the single cell level.
PLoS One 6(10):e26437. 2011. More

Li X, Chu J, Wang A, Zhu Y, Chu WK, Yang L, Li S.
Uniaxial mechanical strain modulates the differentiation of neural crest stem cells into smooth muscle lineage on micropatterned surfaces.
PLoS One 6(10):e26029. 2011. More

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Vascular smooth muscle contractility depends on cell shape.
Integr Biol (Camb) 2011. More

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Propagation of fast and slow intercellular Ca(2+) waves in primary cultured arterial smooth muscle cells.
Cell Calcium 2011. More

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Assessing the spatial resolution of cellular rigidity sensing using a micropatterned hydrogel-photoresist composite.
Lab Chip 11(20):3538–3544. 2011. More

Liu Y, Yan J, Howland MC, Kwa T, Revzin A.
Micropatterned Aptasensors for Continuous Monitoring of Cytokine Release from Human Leukocytes.
Anal Chem 2011. More

Wang YK, Yu X, Cohen DM, Wozniak MA, Yang MT, Gao L, Eyckmans J, Chen CS.
Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2-Induced Signaling and Osteogenesis Is Regulated by Cell Shape, RhoA/ROCK, and Cytoskeletal Tension.
Stem Cells Dev 2011. More

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Endothelial cell micropatterning: methods, effects, and applications.
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Effect of cell anisotropy on differentiation of stem cells on micropatterned surfaces through the controlled single cell adhesion.
Biomaterials 32(32):8048–8057. 2011. More

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Subcellular spatial segregation of integrin subtypes by patterned multicomponent surfaces.
Integr Biol (Camb) 3(5):560–567. 2011. More

Yan C, Sun J, Ding J.
Critical areas of cell adhesion on micropatterned surfaces.
Biomaterials 32(16):3931–3938. 2011. More

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Steering cell migration using microarray amplification of natural directional persistence.
Langmuir 27(7):3803–3807. 2011. More

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Cell shape and substrate rigidity both regulate cell stiffness.
Biophys J 100(5):L25–7. 2011. More

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Studying cell rolling trajectories on asymmetric receptor patterns.
J Vis Exp (48)2011. More

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Optimization of traction force microscopy for micron-sized focal adhesions.
J Phys Condens Matter 22(19):194104. 2010. More

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Adipogenic differentiation of individual mesenchymal stem cell on different geometric micropatterns.
Langmuir 27(10):6155–6162. 2011. More

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Human macrophage adhesion on polysaccharide patterned surfaces.
Soft Matter 7:3599–3606. 2011. More

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Biophysical regulation of histone acetylation in mesenchymal stem cells.
Biophys J 100(8):1902–1909. 2011. More

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Proliferation capacity of cord blood derived neural stem cell line on different micro-scale biofunctional domains.
Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars) 71(1):12–23. 2011. More

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Bio-inspired micropatterned platform to steer stem cell differentiation.
Small 7(10):1416–1421. 2011. More

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Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into pancreatic endoderm in patterned size-controlled clusters.
Stem Cell Res 6(3):276–285. 2011. More

Tseng Q, Wang I, Duchemin-Pelletier E, Azioune A, Carpi N, Gao J, Filhol O, Piel M, Thery M, Balland M.
A new micropatterning method of soft substrates reveals that different tumorigenic signals can promote or reduce cell contraction levels.
Lab Chip 11(13):2231–2240. 2011. More

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Micropatterned methacrylate polymers direct spiral ganglion neurite and Schwann cell growth.
Hear Res 2011. More

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Using microcontact printing of fibrinogen to control surface-induced platelet adhesion and activation.
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Micropatterned ECM substrates reveal complementary contribution of low and high affinity ligands to neurite outgrowth.
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Micropatterned mammalian cells exhibit phenotype-specific left-right asymmetry.
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Cell shape and contractility regulate ciliogenesis in cell cycle-arrested cells.
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Stem Cell Shape Regulates a Chondrogenic Versus Myogenic Fate Through Rac1 and N-Cadherin.
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Geometrically controlled endothelial tubulogenesis in micropatterned gels.
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Micropatterned co-cultures of T-lymphocytes and epithelial cells as a model of mucosal immune system.
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