Next generation cell culture tools

Use Intelligent Substrates' BioWrite™ protein micropatterned substrates to find and identify cells faster, simplify quantification and analysis, identify important structural components, average responses across similar cells, and control for variations in cell size and shape in your experiments.

High content screening & cell-based assays

The reduced variability, increased sensitivity, and improved efficiency that these new substrates bring to cell-based applications will enable biotech scientists worldwide to achieve better results, faster and with fewer cells before advancing their research to more expensive animal models.

Stem cell growth & differentiation

Investigate stem cell differentiation on BioWrite micropatterns of different proteins, dimensions, shapes, and nearest-neighbor distances.

Cellular migration & dynamics

Examine cell motility and dynamics with live cell imaging as cells interact with custom micropatterned substrates of lines or asymmetric shapes.

Cell morphology

Control cell morphology and cytoskeletal organization using BioWrite micropatterns.